Our goal at Module is to design and manufacture beautiful, long lasting, modular consumer technology products. Products which balance aesthetics, performance, environmental impact and the end user in every design decision.

Right now, from virtually anywhere on the planet, you can invest in Module via Startengine


Your investment in Module will help us with ongoing development of long life consumer technology products. 

We feel the best way forward is to tell the Module story to the world. Then give the world an opportunity to be involved. We’ve identified problems endemic in the technology sphere. We believe Module’s ethos is the best path toward a solution. We know there are others who see the potential for a company addressing these problems. 

Products addressing environmental issues cannot simply be “greener”. It is essential they compete on every level. They must be objects of desire. We have addressed the key performance criteria we know will be essential in the market. Beyond even the core demands we place on any Module design.

Imagine a company delivering an alternative to planned obsolescence. A company creating products you aren’t forced to frequently replace. A company that is respectful of both its customers and the environment. With products people genuinely desire. A company repeating this process across a multitude of product categories. This is our vision for Module.

Right now Module is laser focused on developing Decibel. Bringing our first product to market rapidly is strategically essential. Equally important is Module’s ethos, which is a framework around which we intend to grow. Decibel is just the beginning. Module’s goal is to apply this framework to numerous products, from consumer electronics to automotive and beyond.

This is where you have an opportunity to be involved. You can invest in Module.  

Our Startengine page supplies more comprehensive detail including the terms of the offer.

Once you have examined our offer we hope you will decide to support us on our journey. Long life consumer technology products are absolutely essential in reducing the damage being caused by ubiquitous rapid obsolescence.