Our goal at Module is to design and manufacture beautiful, long lasting modular consumer technology products. Products which balance aesthetics, performance, the environment and the end user in every design decision.

Right now you can invest in Module via Pledgeme. 

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Your investment in Module helps us continue developing long life consumer technology products. 

We feel the best way to generate the funds required is to tell our story to the world. Then give the world an opportunity to be involved. We’ve identified problems endemic in the technology sphere and proposed solutions. We know there are others who see the potential for a company addressing these problems. 

Imagine a company going to market with an alternative to planned obsolescence. A company producing products you aren’t forced to frequently replace. A company that is respectful of the environment and its customers. A company repeating this process across a multitude of product categories. Executed correctly a company like this has the potential to be extremely successful.

Imagine investing in that company early. Imagine it was as successful as you envision it could be. Imagine you could help that company make a genuine change while significantly growing your initial investment.

That is equity crowdfunding. An avenue for people to support and take an ownership stake of a company. A company they believe has a genuinely great idea and the potential to grow and become successful.

Module has been operational for over two years. In that time we have been laser focused on developing Decibel. Bringing our first product to market rapidly is strategically essential. Equally important is Module’s ethos.  A framework around which we will create a spectrum of products in varying market sectors. Decibel is just the beginning. Module’s goal is to apply this framework to numerous products from consumer electronics to automotive and beyond.

That is where you come in. You can invest in Module.  

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After you have digested the offer we hope you will support us in our journey. Long life consumer technology products are absolutely essential if we are to reduce the harm caused by rapid obsolescence.


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