Upgrade what you want, when you want



Electronics are forever improving, processors get faster, amplifiers get more powerful, it’s a never ending cycle. Decibel's brain module houses all of the devices electronics. This single module can be easily upgraded. When significant advancements in technology warrant an upgrade you’ll simply replace the module and continue to enjoy your Decibel. You’ll avoid many tiny and completely unnecessary product iterations. Module will only offer a component update when it is logical and genuinely beneficial to the owner.


Decibel is built from the highest quality long lasting recyclable materials available. The chassis is made from high quality stainless steel. Beautiful, strong and one hundred percent recyclable. Decibel also features a stunning stainless steel exterior shell. Shells in other sustainable materials like Bamboo will also be available. All further internal components will be manufactured from the longest lasting most sustainable options available, including metals or bio plastics. Decibel is powered by an industry standard 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion cell. Industry standard sizes ensure far greater longevity.




Modularity also allows you to customize the appearance of your Decibel. The exterior shell and grill are easily replaced. In years to come when your tastes change or you simply want to match your Decibel to your living environment, it’s just four simple hex screws. Decibel even comes with the required Allen key. You can either sell your old shell, or if it’s damaged return it to us for recycling.


Years from now when a component like the battery needs replacing, you simply purchase one online from Module and it is delivered to you together with sustainable pre paid return packaging. You simply replace the battery and return the old component to us and we recycle it. We build it, we recycle it.